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Free help desk for business

About SAHO Complaint Desk

A Simple and powerful Telegram based online help desk ticketing system for freelancers , startups and small business enterprises.

A help desk or SAHO complaint desk ticketing system is a software tool to manage internal or customer complaints. complaints may be an incident or a service request. The complaints are raised as tickets from within the organization or from the public. The system is designed to organise and track these complaints. The system tracks by notifying the agent and then providing the customer or the requester with a solution. It may also be a reply from the agent for redirecting to next possible support. all this will be notified in an instant in chat, email, sms and there by eliminate delays in work and communication. A ticketing system will ensure that we register all the complaints in time and also have the right person to resolve the complaints at the right time. SAHO complaint desk is one of the primary way any one can interact within the organisation. The organisation can ensure the right kind of support team is available at the right time to manage all complaints.

SAHO complaint desk is stable, updated and maintained free.

SAHO complaint desk is a platform for multilevel support eco system. this helps the management to streamline the support provided by their departments and by the support persons expertise availability. simplicity is the ultimate in sophistication. the platform is designed to have a simple interface and user experience. from requesting solutions to complaints and resolving complaints. this itself reduces the missing logs of complaints. support persons or agents can focus on supporting and delivering insights to the management and supervisors through powerful dashboards and reporting tools.

SAHO complaint desk focus on customer retention which is one of the major challenge for every business in a simple way. It enables to track, oversee and organise all interactions in order to help business focus on the needs of its customers.

Our Complaint Desk packages are designed to get you started from zero. you can get started for free. Scale up to a subscription model depending on heavy usage only.

Free help desk for business
Free help desk for business

Work Flow


Our work flow prioritse in solving complaint registration and its quick response.

Solution to Problems in any organisation- satisfaction guaranteed just in a minute

  • Customer satisfaction - customers get timely response and get to know the status of complaint Ticket any time
  • Reduce time to Resolve complaints - Use of Prioritising and creating SLA by management to Manage Tickets
  • Improve Employee productivity - in job staisfaction for agents, Employee can focus on requirements, Brainstorm and Plan.

Working Plans

for more information, please contact us.


The SAHO complaint Desk has almost all the best features available in ticketing softwares and we continuosly update it to add more...

Ease of use

Multiple Channel interface- Familiar Telegram Chat, Web, Email interface for Ticketing

Ticket Management

Assign, Transfer, Reassign, Prioritise, Categorise, Comment tickets with multi level management

Service Level Agreement

Prioritise ticket time for critical escalation and overdue management

Custom Branding

company name and logo branding in interface

Ticket Filters

Ticket History, tracking and searching with easy filtering interface

Work Flow

A simple workflow which eliminate agent conflicts and confusions


integration with SMS, Telegram , Email for all critical Notifications

Dashboard & Reports

Manager , Supervisor, Agent and User level Dashboard for important informations


Telegram based Saas help desk. To support and manage all your internal complaints tickets. Get started for free.



for freelancers own-branded support site
  •   5 Departments
  •   10 User Agents
  •   Single SLA Workflow
  •   50 Tickets per month
  •   Telegram Ticket Channel
  •   Telegram Notification
  •   Single attachment
  •   Ticket Actions
  •   Custom Logo
  •   Basic Analytics Dashboard
  •   Lifetime Free


Rs 7500 Rs 10000 / Month

for startup businesses to scale-up internal support
  •   25 Departments
  •   unlimited User Agents
  •   Multiple SLA Workflow
  •   500 Tickets per month
  •   Telegram + Web Channel
  •   Telegram Notification
  •   Single attachment
  •   Ticket Actions
  •   Custom Logo
  •   Advanced Dashboard & Reports
  •   Billed Monthly


Rs 15000 Rs 30000 / Month

for established companies with large support teams
  •   unlimited Departments
  •   unlimited User Agents
  •   Multiple SLA Workflow
  •   unlimited Tickets
  •   Telegram + Web + Email Channel
  •   Telegram + Email Notification
  •   Multiple attachment
  •   Ticket Actions
  •   Custom Logo
  •   Advanced Dashboard & Reports
  •   Billed Annually

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